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   Nanjing tianhai pharmaceutical technology co. LTD. (Tianhai Pharma) was founded in 2004, which provides a professional drug discovery, research and technical services. At present, there are more than 30 full-time technicians, more than 80% of whom have bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctor's degree or above. They have rich experience in drug research and application. Dr. Chen, the main manager of the company, is a leading talent in the industrial talent highland of haixi, fujian province. He participates in and organizes the development, application and transfer of dozens of varieties and has a strong ability to integrate industrial resources and more than 10 years of practical experience.

   We have drug synthesis department, pharmaceutical preparation department, analysis department and administration department. The laboratory facilities and equipment are complete, including various types of high performance liquid chromatograph, liquid-mass spectrometer, semi preparative chromatography, evaporative light scattering detector, gas chromatograph, automatic rotary tablet press, dissolution instrument, high efficiency coating machine, laser particle size tester and other instruments and equipment. In order to ensure the data integrity, our company introduced the network version of the database system in the analysis platform, all experimental data are stored through the database.

   Since its establishment in July 2004, the company has undertaken more than 50 projects entrusted by enterprises, focusing on the fields of anti hypertension, anti-hepatitis b and cardiovascular system medication, with fruitful research results. Successfully assisted a number of cooperative enterprises to complete the transformation of laboratory technology into industrialized products and services, and independently developed and obtained clinical and production approval documents of dozens of varieties. At present, there are 3 varieties that have passed the consistency evaluation, and dozens of varieties are being reported.

   Tianhai Pharma has become the domestic industry in a leading position in the medicines research and development outsourcing service provider, we can provide partners  medicines discovery, research, registration, clinical, supply of API new medicines development of the whole process service and integrated solutions.



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